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What Is a Crime? Who Is a Criminal?

Do prisons make you feel safe?

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People aren't given any opportunities upon release, so inevitably many turn back to crime.

11:11 AM | April 5, 2016

Monica Estrada

I believe that prisons are necessary for very violent people and the criminally insane. I do not agree with individuals making a profit off people and their families.

11:11 AM | April 5, 2016

Callie Weston

Prisons close off parts of a town. Few people go in on a daily basis. Those locked in cannot come out. Behind prison walls are people who we can have no contact with. We do not know how the prisoners are being treated. Unknowingly we, as residents of the town, interact with those who are holding prisoners captive. In so doing we are validating what they are doing. Conversely we are making those inside feel like lepers. We know nothing about them but surely hey feel shunned, unable to express themselves. There is fear on all sides.

11:11 AM | April 5, 2016


They create monsters, if someone is not a monster when they go in...theres a good chance they will be a monster when they get out.

11:11 AM | April 5, 2016

Sara Henry Thomas

If it were a perfect system, and it’s not, reservoir that is a prison might be holding those inclined toward dangerous behavior only holds them for so long, releasing them with fewer resources and more desperation than they had before. Putting a person in a cage does not improve anybody’s life.

11:11 AM | April 5, 2016


Prisons are used as a way to lock up people who dont necessarily do harm, but anyone who breaks laws. There are not many if any prisons that aim to create programs that might actually benefit those that do cause harm. Prisons are just a way to monetize and control populations of people deemed inferior to the white capitalistic society we live in

11:11 AM | April 5, 2016