Middle Eastern Asylum Seekers in Arizona

Asylum seekers do not just come from Central and South America, but also from the Middle East. The Mexican immigration authorities say that “Middle Eastern and African Immigrants moving through Mexico have increased nearly 400% from 306 in 2011 to 1,152 as of Jun 2015.”(1) Hisham Shaban Ghalia and Mounis Hammouda are Palestinian asylum seekers from Gaza that fled in 2010 and 2011. They traveled through a total of eight countries in the Middle East, Europe, and South and Central America before arriving at the US-Mexico border in November 2014 requesting humanitarian asylum. They were then detained in Florence Detention Center. (2) Hisham’s asylum claim was denied, and an order of removal has been issued. He cannot be sent back because US immigration authorities are prevented from directly dealing with Palestinian authorities. These men “face either further imprisonment or death if deported to Israel or Saudi Arabia....”(3) This campaign poster was created by the #not1more in partnership with Students for Justice in Palestine, University of Arizona Chapter, and others to bring to light Hisham and Mounis’s situation.(4)

1 From suffering to detention: why does the US put asylum seekers behind bars?