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Grassroots Leadership

Grassroots Leadership
About Us:

At Grassroots Leadership, we believe no one should profit from the imprisonment of human beings. We live in the most incarcerated society in the history of the world. Every day we confront a prison industry that preys on pain because our addiction to locking people up dehumanizes all of us.

Grassroots Leadership fights to end for-profit incarceration and reduce reliance on criminalization and detention through direct action, organizing, research, and public education.

Grassroots Leadership builds bridges between communities to increase the capacity of local leaders and coalitions, mobilize opposition to privatization, and transform the immigration and justice systems.

Our Work with SOI:

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Mailing address (donations): P.O. Box 36006, Charlotte, NC 28236

Austin office: 2301 East Cesar Chavez St., Austin, TX 78702 / (512) 499-8111