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What Is a Crime? Who Is a Criminal?

Do prisons make you feel safe?

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4:16 PM | December 11, 2018


There's plenty of people who have evaded justice for violent crimes. Prisoners are mainly nonviolent drug offenders and often fails those who were victims of violent crimes.

10:22 PM | September 30, 2018


I was mentally and physically abused in New York facilities in 2013 and 2014. I wrote a 30 Page Letter few months back to the governor of the state of New York to see if they could do something and they would not take any further action. I hate the fucking stayed in New York it sucks they let physical mental abuse happen in their prisons and forensic psychiatric facilities and they don't care.

5:05 AM | July 15, 2018


Because I don't believe that everybody who is a "criminal" is dangerous. On the contrary, the police-states dependence on incarceration as a tool to institute racism and classism makes me feel unsafe.

1:13 PM | June 19, 2018


The idea of punitive action being asserted over me for my actions, whether they be seen as "good" or "bad" terrifies me because I am not sure how the entire process works, i am intimidated, and from every academic standpoint I have looked into has shown that nothing about prison seems restorative. I am a human being and I feel like that would be forgotten within this capitalistic institution should I ever become apart of a prison community.

11:11 AM | October 10, 2017

Carolyn Herz

Too many innocent people or people convicted of minor offenses are confined there, while violent criminals often email free.

2:14 PM | May 14, 2017


Because they tear up the social fabric, make people fear each other, & make everything they're supposed to solve actually worse

3:15 PM | May 7, 2017


Because prisons are not safe. In the neo-liberal society we live in, prisons are a business. Prisons need bodies and they exploit minorities to get and maintain the numbers. They are not just.

11:11 AM | April 20, 2017


I'm assuming that you mean, "do the existence of prisons make me feel safe". No. There are too many innocent people in prisons. Too many people, who require other forms of "rehabilitation", are dumped into the prison system and then unemployable. At that point, the only way for them to survive is to begin a life of crime. Also, many of the policymakers are the real criminals. And, they rarely go to prison. Many people who go to prison commit far worse crimes after re-entry. So, no. The prison system, as we know it, does not make me feel safe.

6:18 PM | March 25, 2017

Liz S

They make me feel like I live in a nation where someone can be stripped of their humanity, that this is a place where anyone's basic dignity can be on the line. Even conditionally, that make me feel less secure.

7:19 PM | October 10, 2016