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What Is a Crime? Who Is a Criminal?

Do prisons make you feel safe?

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Gabe Evans

Prisons create more crime rather than deterring it. It's government-sanctioned exploitation and abuse, causing irreparable damage while there and disenfranchising people once they leave.

6:18 PM | April 14, 2016


Because we put a lot of people in prison who should not be there

6:18 PM | April 14, 2016

Chose not to say

Because when the bad apples are locked up We are all safer.

5:17 PM | April 8, 2016

John Keenan

Because they are the evidence of a profound disfunctionality in society and the growth of prisons and prison population represents that disfunctionality. I do not want to see more prisons. I want to see less prisons. That's what would make me feel safe.

11:23 PM | April 7, 2016

Matthew Young

Prisons don't make me feel safe because not enough of the corporate stakeholders, that are creating the inequity we all feel, are in them!

12:12 PM | April 6, 2016