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What Is a Crime? Who Is a Criminal?

Do prisons make you feel safe?

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Hannah Galloway

The constant threat of imprisonment is scary.

1:13 PM | April 16, 2016


They traumatize people creating more violence, mental health crises and disaffected individuals

1:13 PM | April 16, 2016


The criminals who do the most damage are largely in corporate offices safe from apprehension charges or punishment. Donald a Trump is a bigger threat to the Anerican public than lost of the people in,prison

1:13 PM | April 16, 2016


Prisons are clearly failing to deter crime.

12:12 PM | April 16, 2016

Alexandra Garcia

I don't think they're fixing anything and are in fact breeding grounds for further criminal activity.

10:10 AM | April 16, 2016


Prisons are systemically flawed and mass incarceration is a product of a broken society. Prisons, at our current state, are not providing rehabilitative services.

11:11 AM | April 15, 2016

Corey King

I feel corrections officers do more "posturing" than actually protecting inmates. I feel they also forget that people visiting are not inmates but treat them as so, they make it seem as if every person is a possible threat. This case may not be so but I think in the end, most people feel less safe in prisons not because of the inmates but because of the correction officers who have to hold a certain image so that they are respected. These officers will do anything to ensure that no person diminishes the amount of respect that they hold which can inevitably lead to more people being incarcerated.

11:11 AM | April 15, 2016


Because if we do not offer rehabilitative resources; such as education and/or some form of skill, we are dooming them and ourselves to a doomed future.

11:11 AM | April 15, 2016


They are shaped both architecturally and in practice to instill fear in prisoners and visitors.

11:11 AM | April 15, 2016


Prisons do not address or resolve the problems.

11:11 AM | April 15, 2016