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Should formerly incarcerated people be protected from discrimination, as Connecticut lawmakers are proposing?

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Randolph woodruff

Because without a law in place saying they can't discriminated against people. They will just continue to discriminate against them even though you shouldn't be. because there's no consequences to their actions. Plus at the same time a lot of these prison supporters will be flipped because they're always screaming about because it's the law Well it's the law that you treat Ex prisoners fairly As it should be all people should be treated fairly Whether you're caught doing a crime or not. And I say it in that way because we are all criminals we've all committed crimes of various sorts sizes shapes and forms everyone is a criminal everyone has lied cheated on your taxes J walked speed it drunk drive you did something that could warrant you being in jail and just because you haven't been there doesn't mean you should sit there and discriminate them against those who have. Sign Randolph Woodruff Jr.

7:19 PM | June 12, 2022

Daniel Houser

Because I am a formerly incarcerated person. While I am lucky to have not experienced much discrimination, I know others do.

9:21 PM | November 30, 2020


Human rights

8:20 PM | November 19, 2020

Stephanie Guy

People are incarcerated for many different reasons, labeling someone as a felon does not take into account the surrounding circumstances and the details of their case.

6:18 PM | August 6, 2020


Discrimination is what creates barriers to reentry.

4:16 PM | March 7, 2019

Marjorie Garcia

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Khalid Abdul Salaam

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4:16 PM | March 7, 2019