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West Virginia

Should people who are incarcerated have access to the internet for educational and career development purposes?

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Randolph woodruff

education in prison is A must And how much cheaper and easier would it be for education in the prison system with access to the Internet And how much passive time could be spent playing around on the Internet versus trying to kill rape and murder each other well in prison.

7:19 PM | June 12, 2022

Stephanie Guy

This is a necessary aspect to re-entry and re-integration, and therefore lower rates of recidivism

6:18 PM | August 6, 2020


If the goal of prisons and incarceration is really rehabilitation and re-entry after someone serves their sentence like it’s claimed to be, job training and education are an essential part of that process and would greatly benefit both those who have been incarcerated and the communities they will rejoin once they serve their sentences

1:01 AM | August 3, 2020