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Should your university or company have the right to ask about someone's prior convictions in their admission or job application?

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If someone has served their sentence, they deserve to start a new. Having to report felonies is much more likely to decrease ability of released prisoners to get jobs. W no job, I would suspect (but don't know) if recidivism rates go up. Thus, what have u accomplished. Additionally, people should not continue to be punished when they have served their time.

5:17 PM | September 8, 2020


The point of incarcerations is reform. If someone is released from prison, they should no longer be affected by their sentence.

8:20 PM | August 24, 2020


I think this is necessary but only in extremely specific and limited circumstances. While I do not think that universities or companies should be able to ask if you generally have any prior convictions, I do think they should be allowed to ask about specific convictions diirectly related to the employment/position and that might impact the safety of others (example: a job involving consistent interaction with children asking about prior convictions of sex crimes related to children)

1:01 AM | August 3, 2020


It's just a way to discriminate, and often has racist, ableist, and classiest effects.

1:01 AM | July 18, 2020

Belinda Bossom

When a sentence is served that consequence is over & should not affect their strive to have employment

5:05 AM | June 23, 2020



3:15 PM | June 3, 2020

Noel Rodriguez

There’s no way for someone who was convicted of a crime to compete in today’s world if this is how we do business.

11:23 PM | April 28, 2020

Jaime Davidson

I think they should be allowed to look them up on the sex offender list, but otherwise the only purpose of this is to discriminate against people trying to improve their lives

4:16 PM | February 2, 2019

Justice Jones

If someone has already served their time in prison, why should they continue to be punished by society? How can we expect people to rehabilitate themselves and become productive members of society again if they can barely find a job after prison? This logically leads to people returning to illegal activity to make a living or to just get through each day.

4:16 PM | January 29, 2019

Kevin R Kelly

Decency, integrity, honesty, morals, and respect for authority and the law - those things all matter and contribute to the functioning of a structured Society. When it comes to hiring someone, I believe an employer should be able to discriminate for almost any reason at all, including gender, religion, height, looks,weight, race, citizenship, sexual orientation... as an employer, I should be allowed to put my team together to make my business the best that it can be (according to me). This is done under the current rules but now it requires lying, finagling, and smoke blowing by human resources administrators.

12:12 PM | December 18, 2018