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Should your university or company have the right to ask about someone's prior convictions in their admission or job application?

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In a very limited capacity. I don't think it should be on the initial application, but once the company has decided to interview someone, they should be able to ask about ONLY prior convictions directly related to the job and ONLY for a certain time period. (For example, applications for driving jobs asked about any DUIs in the past 5 years, teachers asked about child abuse convictions, accountants about embezzlement etc.)

7:19 PM | September 3, 2016


I think the right should be limited to asking if they have a prior conviction based on a certain crime. For example, businesses asking if a person have been convicted of embezzlement, fraud, etc. but not when it comes to crimes such as DUI's or possession.

1:01 AM | August 11, 2016

Lauren Johnson

We have become addicted to the age of technology, unfortunately along with it, we have come to believe that not only do we have the right to know everything about everyone, but the right to judge them and make decisions about their future based on their past. If people have the opportunity to move beyond the worst choice they have made, then I presume most of them will!

12:12 PM | June 2, 2016

James Fairchild

because it negatively biases employers

7:07 AM | May 22, 2016


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3:15 PM | May 8, 2016

Curtis Smeby

It would depend upon the type of employment the person is applying for and what if any are the safety and security concerns.

2:14 PM | April 22, 2016


Also responsible for safety of students, employees. Some info relevant but not as grounds for admission or hiring decisions

2:14 PM | April 16, 2016

Hannah Galloway

No one should be penalized while trying to improve their life.

1:13 PM | April 16, 2016


Because background checks are incomplete, often inaccurate and don't tell the whole stories. Past incarceration shouldn't be a reason for withholding resources

1:13 PM | April 16, 2016

Kathleen hulser

Universities are about education. Should stick to mission to inform not collaborate with incarceration juggernaut.

1:13 PM | April 16, 2016