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Who Works for Prisons? Who Do Prisons Work for?

Should your university or company have the right to ask about someone's prior convictions in their admission or job application?

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3:15 PM | May 8, 2016

Curtis Smeby

It would depend upon the type of employment the person is applying for and what if any are the safety and security concerns.

2:14 PM | April 22, 2016


Also responsible for safety of students, employees. Some info relevant but not as grounds for admission or hiring decisions

2:14 PM | April 16, 2016

Hannah Galloway

No one should be penalized while trying to improve their life.

1:13 PM | April 16, 2016


Because background checks are incomplete, often inaccurate and don't tell the whole stories. Past incarceration shouldn't be a reason for withholding resources

1:13 PM | April 16, 2016

Kathleen hulser

Universities are about education. Should stick to mission to inform not collaborate with incarceration juggernaut.

1:13 PM | April 16, 2016


Maybe not at the outset, but the institutions should know so they can manage anything that may come up.

1:13 PM | April 16, 2016


They have the right to know about violent crimes, but not lesser crimes.

11:11 AM | April 16, 2016

Alexandra Garcia

I think it's judgmental and it further punishes people who have already paid for their crimes. Past mistakes shouldn't define a person's life forever.

10:10 AM | April 16, 2016


Having that information on an application will immediately influence employers' decisions about hiring or even further steps in the application process like interviewing

10:10 AM | April 16, 2016