Lifers' Lives Matter

Lifers Lives Matter

Artwork by DaRyndA, who is serving a 20-to-life sentence at Dayton Correctional Facility.

Text and Artwork by: DaRyndA

Artist Statement:

Hi my name is DaRyndA and I have a 20 to life sentence. Yes, I have a life sentence. My first parole board is in 2023 and I am so fearful of what could happen. I have heard many stories about the “seriousness of the crime” excuse to hold me hostage.

I created this type of zentangle because my life is a tangle. But while I created my zentangle artwork, I realized our lives do matter, we do have plans for the future and we do have worth. The dream I have for my life is to help others not to have to travel in my shoes, down this tangled road as I have.