"Picturing a World Without Prisons," KIPP McDonough 15 Middle School

"Morals," by Ri’Kailah Mathieu, 7th Grade. Credit: Ri’Kailah Mathieu

"Freedom," by Juwuan Banks, 7th Grade. Credit: Juwuan Banks

"On the Same Page," by Keenya Scott and Jasmine Mitchell-Williams, 7th Grade. Credit: Keenya Scott and Jasmine Mitchell-Williams

"The Peace Maker," by Jada Jefferson and Maisha Morris, 7th Grade. Credit: Jada Jefferson and Maisha Morris

"Society," by Hunter Walter, Isiah Alcorn, and Diante Brooks, 7th Grade. Credit: Hunter Walter, Isiah Alcorn, and Diante Brooks

Compiled by - Jamaal London, Art Teacher

Artwork created by KIPP middle schoolers in Jamaal London's class.