Stories from Prison / Honoring Ancestors

Courtesy of: Benjamin D. Weber

Prisoners at the Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola, sent stories about loved ones who had passed away while they were incarcerated, and described how they would like them to be commemorated. Students from the University of New Orleans performed commemorations and sent letters and pictures back to the prisoners.

Project created by - Derrick Allen, Ryan Bourgeois, Tiffany Campo, Dylan Cannatella, Jordan Crockett, Jessica Dauterive, Reyna Del Arca, Gerald Davis, Elmo Duronslet, Hannah Galloway, Sean Griffin, Sarah Hartje, Theo Hilton, Alexander Jansa, Emma Long, Miguel Maxwell, Daniel McCoy, Hannah Mohr, Zack Moses, Ayah Saleh, Benjamin Weber, Bernard Williams, David Wilson

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