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Should asylum seekers in the United States be incarcerated?

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Matt Farah

Incarcerating law abiding populations has no basis in common sense. While the laws may not reflect this, the realities of "allowing" asylum seekers to exist in and acclimate to a new society provides the opportunities for those populations to more quickly become fruitful members of society. It also requires administrative needs which in turn provide federal job opportunities for current citizenry.

1:13 PM | June 3, 2021

Adina Langer

There are much cheaper and more humane ways for the U.S. government to keep tabs on asylum seekers while they are awaiting trial. Long-term incarceration violates asylum-seekers' human rights. In addition, it has not proven to be an effective deterrent against mass migration from places where people feel threatened on a daily basis.

5:17 PM | January 20, 2021